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Bernauer Strasse has become synonymous with the Berlin Wall because the street vividly conveys the drama that played out during the Wall’s construction: The street acquired international fame because here the Wall divided not only the city but also the street. The facades of the apartment buildings on the East Berlin side of the street formed the boundary, but the sidewalk in front of them belonged to West Berlin. 

After the Wall fell in November 1989, the Berlin Wall Memorial was created as a place to commemorate the Berlin Wall and its victims. On view here are 220 meters of the 155-kilometer-long Berlin Wall that had encircled West Berlin. This is the only place where the border strip has been preserved in its entire depth. The history of the border regime comes alive at this historical site. The audio walk visits the central sites on the grounds and provides a short historical overview. 

Information on Accessibility

The Berlin Wall Memorial is accessible for people with limited mobility. The outdoor area of the memorial is extensive and there are only a few seating options.

The asphalted post path is accessible for people with limited mobility and wheelchairs. The remaining areas of the former border strip are accessible as a meadow or are difficult to navigate in a wheelchair. In the area of the memorial, the ground surface consists of loose gravel and is also difficult to negotiate with wheelchairs.

The visitor center, the documentation center and the Chapel of Reconciliation are accessible via ramps. The toilet in the basement of the Documentation Center can be reached via an elevator.

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